Why You Want to Use Deluxe Auto Body and Frame to Meet Your Auto Collision Repair Needs

As someone that has become involved in a vehicle collision in the Greater Cleveland Metro area you need the right help for your vehicle and fast. Here are the main reasons why you will want to use us as your vehicle collision repair specialists….

  • We care about the situation you are in.
  • Accidents happen 24/7 and we are ready, willing and able to provide you with immediate and hassle free roadside assistance if this happens including taking you to a reputable car rental service if required.
  • We are price comparative and affordable.
  • We take the hassles out of dealing with your Insurance Company requirements.
  • Our Estimates are FREE and can be done on line if you prefer.
  • We keep you fully informed of what it is going to require to get your vehicle back into pre collision condition.
  • We have a highly trained, skilled and experienced group of auto collision specialists on staff who are up to date with the latest education and technology.
  • We know how important your vehicle is and we work relentlessly at getting it repaired and returned to you as quickly as possible but with no sacrifices made in regards to quality and workmanship.
  • We rely on trusted dealers for replacement and repair parts.
  • We utilize leading technology and equipment to perform our services.
  • We back up our work with qualified guarantees
  • We help to take the sting out of high insurance deductibles with a $250. Discount.
  • We have a very high reputation to protect and continue to build throughout the Greater Cleveland Metro area as the best in the business when it comes to Collision Auto Repairs and we are not going to disappoint you when you trust us to make getting through your collision a much easier experience.

    Emergency Assistance 24/7

    We know how perplexing and frightening a collision can be and we are here to help 24/7. Just give us a call at 216-769-4008 and we will respond immediately by providing you with the towing service that you require. To make things a little easier we can offer you a $250 discount on our repair services if you have a high insurance deductible ($500 or more).

    Call 216-769-4008 for Immediate Collision Emergency Roadside Service

    Welcome to Deluxe Auto Body & Frame

    We have had the pleasure of providing full service auto repairs to many satisfied customers in the Greater Cleveland Metro area for the last seventeen years, and look forward to being your solution for your auto collision needs. We are a group of a highly skilled, educated, and experienced auto repair technicians that can provide you with….

  • 24/7 emergency accident assistance
  • Quick and easy online estimates
  • Assistance with Insurance Approval
  • Complete auto repair including frame repair
  • Quality painting
  • Quality part replacement, precision workmanship
  • Affordable pricing
  • Second to none customer service
  • Here at Deluxe Auto Body & Frame we take our work seriously and we take the stress out of your collision. Our highly skilled technicians are kept up to date with the latest technology through ongoing education.

    Auto Body Repair

    Our impeccable Auto Body Repair Services begin from the first moment you contact us beginning with high quality and caring customer service from start to finish.

    From the moment of your collision we are ready to respond with our 24/7 towing service. Once your vehicle has been placed in the hands of our highly skilled certified technicians we will begin the collision repair process.

    This will include a careful inspection of the damage including any frame damage to provide you with a speedy and accurate quote.

    The repair process will be carried out with the use of quality replacement parts and precision work.

    This is followed up with ensuring that the appearance of the vehicle is to your complete satisfaction. We have expert color matching professionals on site and the very best there is in vehicle painting technicians.

    What you can expect from our up to date and modern collision technicians is to have your vehicle returned to you looking like new and complete with a thorough cleaning.

    You can also expect to receive a nationwide warranty as we stand behind our impeccable work.

    For your added convenience we will pick up your vehicle for the needed auto repairs and return it to your door when finished.

    Deluxe Auto Body and Frame is There When You Need Us

    It is most unfortunate when you are involved in a collision and of the course the priority is your safety. Once potential injuries have been dealt with the next real concern becomes the accident damage that has been done to your vehicle.

    This can be stressful and can cause anxiety as to what you do next. All it takes is a phone call to us here at 216-769-4008.

    We will immediately provide you with the accident roadside assistance that is now necessary to tend to your vehicle.

    We will take control of your unfortunate circumstance by making sure you have transportation to one of our associate car rental companies.

    Then we will carefully tow your damaged vehicle to our collision repair facility.

    A detailed inspection will be conducted by our highly skilled and trained auto collision specialists who will provide you with a FREE estimate.

    With your approval we will submit your claim to your insurance company and handle the claim process for you.
    The next step will be carrying out the necessary repairs using the very best of replacement parts and workmanship all carried out in a timely manner and keeping your fully informed of its progress.

    Your car will be returned to you fully cleaned and just like new.

    You can count on our Performance Guarantee to back up our customer satisfaction.

    DID YOU KNOW… By law you have the right to choose any auto collision repair facility and you are not restricted to those recommended by your Insurance Company!

    Paintless Dent Repair

    It’s not always major auto collisions that create a need for auto repair. Simple mishaps like weather damage, or dents and dings from objects striking your vehicle may need attending to.

    If this type of minor damage is not corrected quickly then it can lead to more serious damage to your vehicle.

    Here at Deluxe Auto Body and Frame we use a very affordable and cost effective process called Paintless Dent Repair.

    Be sure to ask us more about this and let us get your vehicle back to looking its best.