Deluxe Auto Body and Frame is There When You Need Us

It is most unfortunate when you are involved in a collision and of the course the priority is your safety. Once potential injuries have been dealt with the next real concern becomes the accident damage that has been done to your vehicle.

This can be stressful and can cause anxiety as to what you do next. All it takes is a phone call to us here at 216-769-4008.

We will immediately provide you with the accident roadside assistance that is now necessary to tend to your vehicle.

We will take control of your unfortunate circumstance by making sure you have transportation to one of our associate car rental companies.

Then we will carefully tow your damaged vehicle to our collision repair facility.

A detailed inspection will be conducted by our highly skilled and trained auto collision specialists who will provide you with a FREE estimate.

With your approval we will submit your claim to your insurance company and handle the claim process for you.
The next step will be carrying out the necessary repairs using the very best of replacement parts and workmanship all carried out in a timely manner and keeping your fully informed of its progress.

Your car will be returned to you fully cleaned and just like new.

You can count on our Performance Guarantee to back up our customer satisfaction.

DID YOU KNOW… By law you have the right to choose any auto collision repair facility and you are not restricted to those recommended by your Insurance Company!

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